About us


The Blue Steel Real Estate Expert Agency operates currently with a number of colleagues and with diversified business relationships. Our short and medium-term goal is to increase our customers' satisfaction, by providing even broader services to meet even the most specific needs. We have already started business relations with a number of successful foreign entities, in addition to the existing domestic connections. Our relationship system mainly involves the Italian, US, Indonesian, UK and Turkish investors, but we plan to expand towards several additional EU-members and non-EU countries too.



Our company was established as a real estate agency in Miskolc in early 2003. From the year 2015, it has become necessary to establish the Blue Steel Real Estate Expert Agency in order to satisfy the consultation, industrial, investment and international needs, beside the Demeter Real Estate Centre, serving residential customers. Thus, we provide a full background to the real estate market. Our management constantly tries to transform its experiences gained in Canada into the real estate market of Hungary. The main consideration was the company's customer-oriented design, the full service design and the creation of a high level of professionalism. Thanks to this, our customers can now be thousands.



We deal with the sale and rental of industrial and commercial real estates, industrial halls, in addition to the evaluation and consultation. Our market knowledge, the reputation, the good relationship with the partners and with the Self-Government in Miskolc help us to find our customers, who intends to rent or purchase on this market. The economic crisis at the end of 2008 helped the purification of the market, and the willingness of the remaining companies to cooperate. We currently have cooperation agreements with the market leaders and banks. In addition, we provide nationwide coverage as a GDN network member; we can serve our business customers with nearly 1,000 offers. Our lawyer performs the lawful conduct of sales transactions; high level of professional competence and flexible attitude characterise his activity, so we help our partners with legal advice and 2-language contracts.


We can provide full services to the reconstruction and renovation of the real estate. We also have partners for a complete construction as well. These companies have existed for several years and have countless references from refurbishment to the implementation of luxury constructions.


We can help our clients to optimize their borrowing needs through the help of a bank-independent service, whether it is on a private or on a corporate level. Our help can ease the life of our partners finding opportunities for bidding and for the corporate invoicing optimization.



The daily newspaper "Daily Economy" asks our company to analyse the real estate market of the region and the local newspapers, Europa Radio, TV2, Miskolc TV and regional news stations usually turn to us.