Could you use help selling or buying property?


We offer the benefits of the real estate consulting both for residential and business clients, please request our service package. This will help your if you really want to be clear about the real value of the property you own, or you want to buy and you do not want "surprises", after the purchase. Our experienced colleague with many years of experience conducts an engineering survey on private or business real estate during the consultation.


A real estate consultation with an independent real estate expert can provide a solution and help either with your own property or a rental property.


If you are interested in, you should contact us for real estate consultation. Consulting in Borsod county: in the surroundings of Miskolc, Edelény, Emőd, Encs, Kazincbarcika, Szerencs, Tiszaújváros.




During the property expert inspection:

  • we will take a look at the property, view the building and the rooms, determine and record their technical conditions;
  • we will do the necessary measurements to verify the documents we have been provided, and to verify the property blueprint or to create a new blueprint;
  • we will study the real estate`s environment;
  • we will take photographs to show the real estate and its environment, and these will be included in the appendix.


Methodological basics and conditions of evaluation:

  • During the evaluation we will examine the location, environment, land register data, physical condition of the building, appearance of the superstructure, technical and structural details (building structure, building materials used, building engineering systems), technical condition etc.
  • The composition and content of the expert opinion are in accordance with the provisions of the Finance Ministerial Decree No 25/1997 (VIII.1.), as amended by Finance Ministerial Decree 32/2000 (VIII.29.), on determination of the collateral value of the non-agricultural property, and also with the provisions about the content and form of the evaluation report.
  • We measure the other factors too, influencing the outcome of the estimate. Such factors, that increase or decrease these values, are environmental parameters, such as location, infrastructure, economic development, market analysis. We use the market, cost and yield or DCF method for analysis depending on the type of property. The final market value is always determined by the most accurate method or by appropriate weighing of the given type of property. The estimation documentation is made in 3 written copies and it is available in electronic format if it is required.



A statutory energy certificate is required for the sale of apartments and houses, which shows the energy performance of the property. We can help you to do this. Our energy expert will perform the necessary calculations and issue a certification within 24 hours, valid for 10 years under applicable law after an on-site survey.

In order to perform the correct calculations, a so-called design documentation is necessary, that includes the dimensioned floor plan of the property, the dimensions, type and thermal characteristics of the doors and windows, the masonry materials, the layers of the walls, the warm water supply and the heating method. Our colleague will prepare the written Energy Documentation after obtaining of these data, and it will be delivered to you in digital format if it is required.



We will provide investment advice on expected yields and leasing constructions. We take into account the short and long-term changes in the market, based on the forecasts for that region. Our analyses are personalized and tailored in all cases.


  • House of Science and Technology in Miskolc
  • Vasas Cultural Center
  • Hejő-Liget Housing Park (formerly a business area for selling building materials)
  • Tampere development area (development of 54 condominiums in 3 buildings)


We provide our real estate consultation services in Borsod county, mainly in the following cities: Miskolc, Kazincbarcika, Edelény, Encs, Szerencs, Emőd, Tiszaújváros,