We offer real estate mainly for investments in and outside the EU.


People are on the move all over the world. They would like, want and are forced to sell or to rent their property, and they search for another for their life. They can do this with our help if it is even beyond the borders.

The purchase of residential or non-residential properties is governed by the laws and taxation in force in the country of the real estate. However, most of the countries are open to foreigners who want to invest in real estate, and even support such investments. It was expedient to set up a local company for the purchase of a real estate in some countries several years ago, and this company bought the property, for example in Italy, USA, Indonesia... By entering the EU, these obstacles have disappeared in most of the countries, which are of interest to invest, and a natural or legal person has now the possibility to buy abroad without a company.

It is valid however in some countries, that the local authorities determine the terms of use for certain types of real estate and projects. There are only such a few places regarding the overall market. In any case, we recommend you to discuss your investment intents and the selection of the location during a personal meeting.

Expenditures are also connected to the buying of a real estate. The buyer pays a real estate transfer tax or VAT (for new real estate) in most of the countries. He also pays notarial fees and fees for registry, or additional local charges.

We are representative of some international and some small developers; in addition, we compile offers with local real estate offices and agents. We offer our clients a large selection of high quality properties on the best locations, on resort areas or in large cities abroad. We provide comprehensive services for the purchase or sale of a foreign real estate in many countries around the world.

The agency provides full services to its clients, including legal advice, when purchasing or selling foreign real estate.

We always design our services in order to be able to provide full service to the customer's specific requirements.

The Blue Steel Real Estate Expert Agency cooperates with selected property developers, property partners, lawyers, notaries, tax consultants and other experts, who are the guarantee of quality services.

We provide the search and transfer of the appropriate property for investment opportunities, including the sale of hotels for specific clients, private and institutional investors.

We offer tailor-made packages from searching for the real estate to personal interpreters and travel packages. Ask for our offer in the "Contact" menu item.